De Bortoli Villages Chardonnay 2013

Debortoli_Villages__Chardonnay_glassGreat nose and these delightful flavours carry through to the palate BUT then the dry astringent finish leaves the mouth so clean and dry that it left me thirsting for another sip …. immediately!  No lingering notes with this one.

Which makes it an excellent food wine.

The NZ Blue Cod was subtle in flavour yet this wine finished where the taste of the food kicked in allowing full enjoyment of both without interference.

If you want a wine to sip look elsewhere, however with food this wine is hard to fault as it wraps itself around the  palate, allowing the flavours of what you’re eating to come through.

Will be interesting to see how much this wine softens and opens up in another year or two.

Nose: 1, Taste: 1, Texture: 0, Length: 0, Value: 1, Enjoyment: 4.  RATING 8/10

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