New World Projects Pedro Ximinez Sherry Cask

New World Projects is the experimental label from the makers of Starward Whisky.

Quoting from the label on the bottle . . .
New World Projects is our way of exploring new frontiers in the world of spirits.  Each of our distillers starts with an unanswered question and has the autonomy to chart a course towards the answer

This whisky was aged in Pedro Ximinez Sherry Casks and wow, what a result! The unmistakable PX flavour adds a delightful scent of ripe sultanas to an already complex yet silky smooth palate.

WITH WATER: Adding H2O made the complex and enticing palate even more so.

Very limited production brings the price up to around $130 ( if you can find it ). However if price is not an issue, this one is definitely worth a crack.

Neat :   Nose: 2, Taste: 1,
Water: Nose: 2, Taste: 2, Enjoyment 2     RATING: 9 / 10

disclaimer: This reviewer is a big fan of Pedro Ximinez

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