dA Chardonnay

The 2015 dA chardonnay is a real surprise. especially for under $20.  All the elements I look for in a chardonnay are present and in good balance.

The unmistakable floral chardonnay nose and taste are evident without imposing themselves. The palate has good length with just enough “butter” in the texture to balance out the palate.

A long way from what the Californian’s refer to as “cougar juice” but certainly not a “modern style”  ( read dry white! )

More than enough mouthfeel to be enjoyed on it’s own, with a dry finish that makes it perfectly compatible with food. Try it with a Cone Bay Barramundi – yum!

For my palate I would struggle to find a better chardonnay within the “fine” category – $15 – 30.

Nose: 1, Taste: 1, Texture:1 , Length:1 , Value:1 , Enjoyment: 4
RATING 9 /10

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