A small collection of odd bods with a thirst for fine beverages … wine, beer, spirits, mixers, aperitifs, digestifs, coffee, tea and even alcohol-free drinks.

No jargon here, and we don’t rate everything 94 points +/- 3.  We have devised simple ratings criteria pertinent to the particular beverage category with a total score out of 10.

So that we are comparing like with like, and to keep things simple, for wine we have 4 definitions applied as tags, based on price point. We ONLY review drinks we consider meritorious within their price range …..
Under $15 – PLONK
$15 – $30 – FINE
$31 – $60 – FANCY
Our rating system is out of 10 and points are given for Nose, Taste, Texture, Length and Value with up to half the score for Enjoyment, because at the end of the bottle,  wasn’t that the whole point?

Criteria for rating spirits is quite different from wine, so we’re kind of making it up as we go.  For instance when we lined up a few whiskies to compare we found the most indicative rating was to awards point out of 2 for Nose and Taste neat and Nose and Taste with water.  Then points out of 2 for Enjoyment bringing the total to a possible 10.