La Forge Estate Chardonnay

Whilst not exceptional in any aspect, it ticks all the boxes and is a very easy to drink, dry, non-acidic, French wine.  Unmistakably a chardonnay it sits a little to the dry side of the scale with the modern androgynous “dry white” at one end and the oaked “buttery” style the other.

The usual RRP for this is around $17 so it really belongs in the “Fine” category, which would affect the value rating, but it was on special at $12 when I bought it, so I’ll give it the benefit of rating it as “plonk”.

Like many chardonnays this one has a slight “lolly” nose initially, but this soon disappears.

At around the same price for a bottle as a meticulously measured inferior wine sells for in most bars these days, why not buy a couple of these, invite a friend around and order something nice via Uber Eats!

An exceptional buy for $12, still good value at $17

Nose: 0, Taste: 0, Texture: 1, Length: 1 Value: 1, Enjoyment: 3

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