Villa Mt Eden Chardonnay 2010

Not an easy task to find a Californian Chardonnay in Australia that displays some of the unique characteristics of the region … for under $20.

Santa Maria Valley is a long way south of Sonoma and Napa however its unusual topography framed between the San Rafael Mountains on the north, and the Solomon Hills to the south accentuates the cooling maritime influence.

The Villa Mt Eden faithfully captures the essence of a Californian chardonnay – the flavours, the mouthfeel and the length. And whilst it is an entry level Californian Chardonnay and not quite up to the standards of its Sonoma cousins this is a wine to be taken seriously. Especially at less than $20!

Decanters by the Bay had this on special and have run out, but it could be worth a call to the importer – Sante Wines on 03 9429 1990 to try and track down a case.

Nose:0, Taste: 1, Texture: 1, Length: 1, Value: 1, Enjoyment: 3.  RATING 7/10

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  1. Agree with your review. Really enjoyed this wine, shame it’s not available at the moment. Certainly one to buy a case of to have on hand. Nice.

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