Forester Estate Chardonnay

The trademark Margaret River Chardonnay nose which can sometimes present as “lolly-like” was in this case quite delicate and enjoyable – displaying the wine’s regional heritage without overwhelming.

Positioned at the upper end of the “Fine” tag it is reasonable to expect some sophistication and the Forester Estate 2016 delivers.

Its strength is the excellent balance of taste texture and length showing all of the characteristics of a Margaret River chardonnay.

Straight out of the fridge was when I liked this wine best, it was crisp yet smooth and everything was in balance, but as it warmed things got a little out of whack!. Bred in a warmer climate to perhaps drink a little colder that you would normally.

Subtle enough to have with food – yet enough body to sip on its own.

Nose:0, Taste: 1, Texture: 1, Length: 1, Value: 0.5, Enjoyment: 4.  RATING 7.5/10

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